Sabrina Kooijmans, Karin Giphart & Edith Eri Louw – Magor: Initiation (English version)


17 x 24 cm, 64 pages colour, soft cover
Fargin House, 2024

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 Step into the World of Magor! 

Raven wants to learn magic and the mysterious Hinde is there to help her. But she didn’t expect it to be so dangerous. In this beautifully drawn story, you follow Raven through water and fire during her initiation. In a world similar to ours, but where stories and dreams are as tangible as reality. And who is this woman watching her so closely? 

Magor: Initiation is based on the queer urban fantasy novel Ravens Imperium by Edith Eri Louw. Project Magor is an initiative of Karin Giphart. Together, they asked graphic novelist Sabrina Kooijmans to join them in creating this first introduction of the World of Magor, as a preview to a long-running comic series. 

 With many extras, including sketches, Magorian portraits, and future plans of Project Magor.